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Life Style Diseases

The stress of modern day living is causing enormous burden on healthcare globally. Poor eating habits sleep deprivation and sedentary lifestyle has contributed to growth of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension leading to a literal explosion of cases with cardiovascular complications.

The situation is worse in a country like India where historically the ratio of a physician to population was 100000 to 1. With lack of expertise in complete disease management from a provider side and lack of understanding of lifestyle diseases among people has created a complicated situation. Experts forecast that by 2020 nearly half the deaths will occur from complications of lifestyle diseases in India.

What is needed today is an extension of focus from organ based expertise  endocrinology, nephrology, and cardiology to a more holistic approach where physicians can provide holistic care in a clinical setting helping people avoid medical complications which require expensive treatment in hospitals. This new approach requires a dedicated team effort of physician, dietician, yoga experts and physiotherapists who work across their traditional silos.

DEERGHAYU lifestyle clinic is one such example that is executing this approach for its patient’s benefit.